23rd Anniversary of 8888



Anonymous said...

8888 Uprising is famous but failed.. It took too many lives but it failed..
If one questions the result, lots would point out 90 election.
But that election has ended up as a failure too..
For every anniversary, ppl has hoped for the 2nd Uprising..
I thought 2007 was the 2nd Uprising.. but it was not.
Even if there is an 2nd Uprising, parents would let their children participate.. too many lives were wasted for nothing. No one wants to repeat the mistake again..
And like it or not, our opposing leader is getting older and older along with other leaders..
There is no easy future.. And the situation is a deadlock.. and it will be deadlock for all eternity unless a new hero with intellect, determination and aggression is born..

luusoelay said...

Comment to previous one,

8888 uprising did not fail, just the beginning of freedom adventure.

2007 uprising didn't fail either, just a mid-way of freedom adventure.

Opposition leader (Daw Aung San Su Kyi) may be old but wisdom counts.

UNITY is the one will bring freedom adventure.

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