20 Years in Prison on Death Row

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Anonymous said...

great documentary


Anonymous said...

To interviewer ........

1 Create a good environment - quiet room, clean drinking water etc during interview
Make the interviewee more comfortable.

To Interviewee ...................

You must sue them. Keep a copy of this video clip and write down. Find a good interpreter for your case. It must be very good interpreter.
And at least you should write down in details ..in Myanmar .does not matter if it is not in English.

You must sue them. Don't say that ' I am not going to sue them etc. ' .

You must have criminal compensation - worth at least 1 million U S Dollars ( that was in our Western Country ) .. You may get more.

Do it . When you win the case, you can donate to anyone you like. You must do it.

Make sure all you have said is ' true and the whole truth nothing but the truth ' .

This happened during This Bloody Khin Nyunt era. I believe Khin Nyunt did a lot of blunders and Na Art Pha ....invented the scenario to arrest Khin Nyunt. ( That is my guess ) OR ( Khin Nyunt himself committed a lot of corruption and attempt to coup ) .

No matter what the reason - you must present your case to ' good lawyer' . Discuss with N L D Team or likewise responsible and reliable people.

To Irrawaddy

You may omit some of my words in this comment, but let that person Nyi Nyi Oo know all in details. ...

This is the case to be sued against NaWaTa Or NaArtPha .whatever .....and also to Khin Nyunt, if possible.

You see , if one is terrorist, no matter what the political motivation, community , including international community will not accept ....I hope you know about that . Especially in this era . U S A will not take care of you - if you are terrorist - I mean bomber.

Otherwise. .......you are on the upper hand and Sue them . Make no mistake by not doing it.

Go Ahead. .. write down, record and present in Myanmar. Prosecutors will find the interpreters and translators.

" If you do not look after your own people, Who will '..........and doing a lot of bloody wrong things ( cruel things ) and then saying ' Kan .. Kan ..Kan ... Kan Si Mann Yar Khan Kya Ya Tar ' .........such words are ' Lu Kyar Kaung Aung Pyaw Tar ' ...........No responsibility .

if you listen to Khin Nyunt words today, he avoided to answer the questions of ' what he has done and why he was arrested like this ' by a reporter .........He did not answer the question and Just state 'Kan . kan eet Ah Kyo ' .. said a lot of bull shit.

I hope you understand my sincere advice.

Look after your health. No smoking and No Alcohol .. that is the first things to follow.

Bye .

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