U Tin Oo Interview

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Anonymous said...

Irrawaddy put a fair and very appropriate (we the public also wanted to know) question to U Tin Oo. The question was very reasonable (not at all a difficult question in international media standard and it was a question a policy-making and visionary politician would love to get) : 'what I wanted to know is that one day your NLD , the ruling party, will be the Government. That is very possible. NLD is now even in the Parliaments already. So , there are many questions like how are you going to govern the country?'. The old soldier replied this by making a very brief comment: 'We too are thinking about it' then he switched to the-never-ending stories of NLD's organisational infightings going through township by township. Luckily for him, Irrawaddy did not press on further.

Irrawaddy's question on the NLD's relationship or the possible cooperation with the 88 student groups embracing them into the NLD's fold were met with meretricious ramblings from U Tin Oo. That was not unlike most of Daw ASSK's public talks. U Tin Oo failed to provide any meaningful answer or workable plan regarding this particular 'generation' issue. Perhaps NLD old guards are still thinking about it!

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